The Best Amusement Parks: Bring Out the KID in You!

- Jan 04, 2018 -

I've been a roller coaster fan since I was seven years old. I will eagerly wait for the summer to play in a nearby amusement park in a small town. Rotating, water rides, bumper cars and, of course, junk food with lip-service, it seems to be the perfect way to chase those primary blues! Why not take some time now and salute some of the best amusement parks around the world? Guys, pack your bags and jump on a lap, you'll soon forget!

The first is the world's roller coaster of capital, Cedar Dot in the United States of the Mulberry. Action packed like blue stripes, spirals and catastrophic transport can only mean one thing: the adrenaline rush guarantees. Combine a golf course, a go kart track and over 73 roller coaster, you will have a pleasant time! The next list is Xetulul, a Guatemalan, which many think is the country's greatest attraction! Leaves in the forest, The gems of this park feature not only crazy rides and glorious amusements, but also well-designed water parks with volcanic eruptions! What's the rush? Skip the pond to England and check out the mind-boggling of the amusement beach, the cluttered wooden rollercoaster, the absolutely stunning rides and the screaming Derby Rider! Spend a day here, familiar with the word "adrenaline pump"! Look at the highest award-winning Six Flags park in America, The fastest and biggest rides and spectacular theme areas, heaps and plenty of action to make your heart skip one or two beat! Over five of the roller coaster, run in any weather and night, avant-garde Fuji Q Highland's reputation is Eejanaika, a 4D roller coaster, One of these two on this planet may be designed to seek the thrill of a madman who seems to arrive here with big numbers! Of course not timid! Hong Kong Ocean Park is also a must-have-try, purely because it is in the quiet nature of the combination of a nerve-racking amusement facilities! Dare to try the twists and turns, Turn and any of their spectacular rides, once finished, step into the calm canopy of their aviary! 5 million visitors cannot be wrong, can you?

Park in South Korea (operated by Samsung) is another amusement park once popular family, it is characterized by a complete float, parade and some crazy rides, designed to play your stimulating seeker! More than five designed to lure, this amusement park is Eagle Fort, Asia's first roller coaster and rolling X train, Entertainment for some action packs! Of course not for the weak heart! Though you have no doubt heard of the Moonlight Park in Melbourne, Australia, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Often called "The Southern Hemisphere", this grand dad in the park is undoubtedly a famous and widely visited leisure hot spot!

This is the first time to go to Europa Park in Europe's second-biggest amusement park, Germany's rust. As we all know, it's immaculate beautification and eye-popping display, experiencing the thrilling carnival of Poseidon and Eurostat, dances and duels happen nearby! Gee, it may take you more than a day to explore the beautiful manicured gardens and visit its famous show! No wonder this amusement park is the envy of all other parks and will continue to come for so many years!

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