What Is the Difference Between a Theme Park and an Amusement Park?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Is Disneyland a theme park or a playground? What about Cedar Horn? Are these two words really different? Does it matter? Well, it may not be as important as some things, but parks and amusement park enthusiasts will find it interesting, if not important. There's a lot of chaos and mis-information out there. So I think I'll use the opportunity of this article to clarify some confusion.


First, let's define the word "amusement park", because the amusement park is the first one to appear on the scene. According to most definitions, amusement parks have existed for hundreds of years, from the No. 631 century. It can be simply defined as a fixed location, where there are many recreational facilities and tourist attractions to entertain people. That's easy enough.

However, in the past few years, the definition of amusement parks has been designed to change, the invention of automobiles and mass media, and the need for entertainment to match or exceed the expectations of the audience. These changes led to upgrades and innovations in some parks, as well as many other bankruptcies and closures. But one thing remains the same, the park, their own, is always just a collection of sights, no matter how disjointed or tacky the look of the collection appears. Good examples include Coney in Brooklyn or Riverview Park in Chicago ...

Theme park

When the theme park was introduced, the controversy was that most experts believed Disney was its inventor. Disney, however, is highly influenced by Pinot's Berry farms and European amusement parks. So you can claim that Norbit's Berry Farm was the first theme park, but of course Walt Disney took the theme park to a whole new level. So what makes the theme park different from the amusement parks?

A real "theme" Park is made up of different subjects of land or area. Through landscaping, architecture, music, food, staff and attractions, we have made great efforts to create another world or cultural illusion. In theme parks, recreational facilities are usually second in the environment in which they are located. The more the park can bring guests out of the "real world" into the fantasy world, the more authentic the label "theme" is. Because Walt Disney used a film director instead of an architect to design his park, he was able to create a real escape from reality, as if the theme park was a movie on the screen.

Theme parks bring the theme park to a whole new level

In the 1971, as Disneyland opened in Florida State, the next step in the development of the theme park took place. In addition to Disney World's recreational facilities and attractions, Disney combines theme parks with hotels, golf courses, water entertainment and (eventually) more theme parks. We call it a "theme resort".

The idea of this theme resort is to attract guests and put them on your property for everything they want or imagine. It is very possible that with Disney's extensive sporting world-the ability to sport fishing, water and field sports and tournaments-it's just one thing you can do in a vacation now to find a location. The theme resort has become a unique, one-stop dream holiday store and digital proof that Disney's ideas are the right type of thinking. Disney is not alone in this market. Universal Studios Orlando includes two separate theme parks, hotels and restaurants to create a Universal Orlando Resort. Disney learned at 80 that keeping people close is the key to profits, and of course it is true.

Last thought

It is easy to be frustrated by the comparisons between amusement parks and theme park, although the definitions of these comparisons are not. When someone says "I think cedar dot is a better amusement park than Disney World", they are right in a sense because Walt Disney World is not an amusement park and will never pretend to be a roller coaster lover's paradise. At the same time, however, they were mistaken because they compared apples to oranges. To make things even more confusing, cedar spots sometimes call themselves theme parks simply because they label different areas of the park. I'm sorry. Cedar Corner theme is more than just labels.

So the next time someone says they like Dolly or Six Flags than Disney World, don't bother arguing. They can also say that they like to eat sushi better than to ride a bike.

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