Safe Playground Design: 5 Aspects To Keep In Mind

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Buying a nice wooden playground for your child may be exciting-especially for them. Parents like to see their children get the same passion in their eyes, their health benefits, and when a new video game comes into the house, we certainly like to encourage their enthusiasm. But we also know that gaming devices bring some small risks.

Fortunately, we can use some basic safety principles to reduce injuries. Here are a few to remember.

1. Size and age

One thing many parents don't seem to remember is that playground equipment is classified by age for a reason, usually thought to be the best thing everyone can enjoy and their children will not grow up. But most outfits have several different groups, such as infants, two to five-year-olds, and 5-12-year-old children.

While I can definitely understand the types of playgrounds you can use for children of all ages, we must maintain these sizes and age differences in setting it all into consideration. Just because you have a structure for all ages doesn't mean that all children should play on everything.

Children are easily injured when playing equipment for older children-when they arrive, the distance is often too large and Barbie is too high. On the other hand, older children can easily damage equipment to younger age groups, making them equally unsafe, and they may be trapped in too small a thing for them.

The best way to do that is to separate the structure of the youngest child so that it is clear who it is.

2. Spacing Considerations

It is also important to remember the necessary space. The budget parents usually only want the best and the most complete playgrounds they can afford, regardless of how much space they actually have, so fences and other obstacles can become a major risk.

3. Moving Parts

It is also a good idea to put the distance between mobile devices and other devices. When other children are playing, the equipment in motion poses a real danger. The moving playground equipment consists of sliders, swinging and merry-go wheels.

You will also have to look at the device to see where it is moving, how easy it is for the child's hand to be caught, and whether there is any damage prevention function. If it is possible to get a hand trapped and seriously injured, you will need to come up with a way to protect your child or clear to them that they must not go near that part of the device.

4. Appropriate surface

Because the ground is unsafe and causes a lot of damage, it becomes less problematic as the material is chosen correctly. Consider pea gravel, sawdust, or thick rubber pads. The loose material should be one foot deep and away from the structure six feet in all aspects. Swings and slides may require a larger perimeter.

5. Rules and guidelines

Don't forget the rules and guidelines. You can do anything in the world to create a safe play environment, but if your child is not using the equipment properly, sooner or later they will be hurt. Develop rules to ensure that adult supervision is always available to ensure that they are tracked.

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