The Key Topics And Principles Of Playground Design

- Jan 02, 2018 -

principle for the playground design

Have you ever thought about the design of the playground structure that we saw in schools, parks, and even in the backyard of residential living facilities and churches? There are seven (7) principles that designers consider when designing and making effective playgrounds.

1. Fun playgrounds also need security: safety is the most important key when it comes to children, but making a playground as safe as possible is harder than its voice. These factors must be taken into account:

The location of the playground, dangerous traffic or contaminated accounting and the possibility of adult supervision.

The activities of the school-age children, children with basic age.

All materials and sizing must conform to regional regulations and be complied with by understanding local and federal codes and means.

The planned deterioration of the playground may cause danger over time.

2. The natural environment should be strengthened by the playground: the best playground finds a way to take full advantage of its position. In the rural environment, local plants can be placed around the playground or use local materials on the playground. In urban areas, playgrounds can be built with sleek materials to complement the city.

3. Playgrounds require a variety of senses: a good playground should help to enable children to participate at all sensory levels.





4. Changes in children: children need an opportunity to test their physical activity ability. This means the region's rough houses and climbs, as well as local play sports and other organized games.

5. Playgrounds are community structures: good playgrounds are designed so that they can be used by multiple children to help develop their social and communication skills.

6. Design should consider the environment: while meeting the needs of children is a top priority, some designers choose to use sustainable materials, such as recycled plastic or untreated wood.

7. Playgrounds should be changed as children: the best playgrounds recognize the special needs of children and kindergartens. Game options should provide multiple age groups and a long playground to incorporate various learning level activities.

There are always more things on the playground than you see at first sight. Many hard work is going on in order to ensure the safety, education and considerate environment of the playground.

6 key themes of playground design

Joining a great playground in your school or park requires a combination of ideas, creating a single, integrated space that children will enjoy and that will also help them develop. Bearing in mind the following six themes will help to achieve this goal.

1. The importance of free play: There are so many extracurricular activities, such as football, gymnastics, music lessons, clubs, baseball, crafts classes, computer games, DVDs and TV channels Unlimited, what exactly is the playground suitable for? When children are playing together without adult intervention, they become more spontaneous and creative. The organizational activities described above do not provide an opportunity to pretend or allow children to express themselves freely. A playground is a way to play freely.

2. Children's Games: the best way to make sure your playground is free to play is to adjust your perspective. Determine which devices develop which skills.

The rocker increases the balance.

Swing helps balance and coordination.

The horizontal ladder establishes upper body strength and coordination.

3. Ask children: In the design process, children's playground for children means more. Unfortunately, it has become a common place to see the works on the playground, seemingly exciting for adults, but getting little attention from children. Don't be afraid to let the children draw pictures they want to see on their playground. Sometimes their imaginations can get the best of their ideas is too extreme to implement, but other times, there are many things that can be included in the design.

4. Accessibility and inclusiveness: Under recent legislation, children with disabilities must be allowed access to new playgrounds. Similarly, if your school or park is renovating the existing playground, the same law applies. Recent trends suggest that playgrounds are not only accessible but also inclusive for people with disabilities.

5. Ups and downs: according to recent research, the waterfall fell down to the playground below the site structure caused 70% of all the playground injuries. There is a growing recognition that the provision of various levels plays an important role in the development of children.

6. Security is always the first step: playground security has increased dramatically over the past few years, which is not a passive issue. This is a manufacturer always bearing in mind that schools need not worry. While surface and equipment can provide a safe gaming environment, this is also a priority.

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